Meg Stafford has over 35 years experience as a clinical social worker, honing observations about people, and working in a variety of settings as large as Beth Israel, a Harvard Teaching Hospital, and as intimate as private practice.

As a result of her training in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting, she delivered talks on such topics as Leading From Within, and Developing Emotional Intelligence. She has also been a columnist for several newspapers over the span of the last nearly thirty years.

My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart

Meg's new book written with daughters Kate and Gale is available NOW!

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Making the Swytch. When is it time?

  As my friends and I labored up an interminable and extremely steep hill (think: mountain) in Portual in 2019, ...
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Inner workings with my editor

My developmental editor and I had been working together for a while on my latest book. We had pulled my ...
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It’s a Dog Meet Dog World

I received a call from our next door neighbor, Beth, when we were away the other weekend. The call came ...
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