Meg is an award-winning author of two memoirs, speaker and storyteller, featured on WGBH’s “Stories from the Stage". As a 16x literary award winner and columnist, she is an observer of humans’ and animals’ delightful quirks. Her column, “A Moment’s Notice,” was featured, for many years, in a number of local Boston area newspapers.

A psychotherapist and social worker in private practice for 40 years, she hears powerful stories on a regular basis and always appreciates the connective tissue that telling our truths creates. Meg embraces the notion that the shortest distance between two people is a laugh.

Her memoirs: Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C, and Who Will Accompany You? My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart.

My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart

Meg's new book written with daughters Kate and Gale is available NOW!

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