Meg Stafford has over 35 years experience as a clinical social worker, honing observations about people, and working in a variety of settings as large as Beth Israel, a Harvard Teaching Hospital, and as intimate as private practice.

As a result of her training in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting, she delivered talks on such topics as Leading From Within, and Developing Emotional Intelligence. She has also been a columnist for several newspapers over the span of the last nearly thirty years.


Topic of Cancer Riding the Waves of the Big C

Topic of Cancer; Riding the Waves of the Big C represents Stafford’s first foray into the book world. Meg chronicles correspondence with her Breasty Business team as she greets the challenges and quirky occurrences that surround the treatment of breast cancer. Join her as she meets Laser Lady and Plastic Guy while navigating the crosscurrents of the big C.

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When my 92 year old mother was diagnosed with covid 19, I reminded myself to take a breath andremember to ...
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Unexpected learning in the wake of the election

I learned that the Biden/Harris ticket had won while driving and needed to pull over as I sobbed. Completely taken ...
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Surprisingly in the pink

I had completely forgotten that Pinktober was approaching until a client (herself a rider of the breast cancer waves) pointed ...
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