A fashionable statement from the Glammas

They sashayed, they twirled and strutted, danced and curtsied their way down the runway. Sporting grins across their faces and beaming 100 watts as they moved to the music, the lovely ladies of Woodland Pond, a multilevel senior living community showed off their sparkles and bangles and chosen outfits at the fifth annual Fashion Show the Woodland Pond Community has sponsored.

Pots of flowers lined the runway, which was an elevated platform a foot off the ground, and two gentlemen from the community assisted the women in ascending to begin their walk. Another resident was an enthusiastic em cee, announcing each woman and describing her outfit, pointing out details on the collar or trim, the flow of the line, or the colors and how they enhanced the resident’s statement. 

Sarah Hull, Director of Resident Services, participated, too, modeling colorful dresses, as did the granddaughter of one of the residents, accompanying her down the runway in her own stunning dress. Hull commented that it is one of her favorite events at Woodland, where she can totally relax and enjoy the residents.

The women all chose their outfits from Rambling Rose, a local boutique who offers the women 20% off any items they choose to purchase from the show. Most women appeared twice, changing outfits as another group showed off their creations.

The audience contributed to the feeling of festivity as they clapped, cheered and whooped as their friends or relatives strode down the walk in her new couture.

My 90 year old mom had been anticipating the day for weeks. She has always enjoyed clothing, color and style. My husband jokes that when she moved from her house to an apartment she had sixty running feet of clothing that needed to be dealt with.

Her friend Deb (who is younger than me) came over early to do her hair and makeup and prepare her for her appearance. She was nervous about the performance, practicing her dancing moves and humming Ellington’s Satin Doll, the number she had chosen for her turn on the runway.  Deciding to use her black cane with pink, purple and yellow polkadots, her first outfit was a fitted black pants suit with wide lapels and bright white piping along the edges. She and Deb chose a scarf in shades of red to contrast and show it off. Her next outfit sported the same stylish black pants with a multicolor jacket in pinks, reds and turquoise which sang of spring and celebration.

The event highlights the best of community, emphasizing the notion that every age can enjoy and appreciate fashion. “They’re not just Grandmas, they’re Glammas,” the em cee crooned. Appearance matters. It’s certainly not everything, but it can surely elevate the inside when the outside feels so snappy and jazzy. 

In the corner of the room was red and white wine, along with fruit and luscious brownies to nibble on. Everyone left feeling full, whether there was any food consumed or not.

What a treat to see these flirty, sassy ladies enjoying themselves as we appreciated them. It was the first fashion show I have attended there. It won’t be my last.

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