Meg Stafford

Meg is a licensed independent clinical social worker with over thirty-five years clinical experience. She holds a Master’s Degree from the Boston University School of Social Work and a Bachelor of Arts from the State University of New York at Binghamton.

Her career path has taken Meg to France, San Francisco, and England before returning stateside to study social work at Boston University. From there, a progression of jobs in various hospitals and out-patient settings refined her craft, until her role as the Director of a small residential treatment home brought the world of management into the mix. This created an ideal blend of administrative and clinical challenges that Meg enjoyed managing.

After a few years, marriage and parenthood demanded that the balance of time at work and home shift. Taking advantage of the flexibility a private practice affords, Meg opened such a practice in psychotherapy for adults and adolescents, and still operates this business today. After a number of years, the opportunity to work with executives and employees in the workplace provided the perfect extension of her skills, and this was formalized in the training she received at Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. She added work with organizations, teams and executives to her existing business.

Some assessments can help couples or families learn about each other’s behavioral patterns, thus making it easier to focus communication in a way that is more effective. It is also helpful to learn when not to take something personally, thereby saving time and energy.

As her practice started to ramp up, enter stage left…Breast Cancer. Taking this turn on two wheels meant that some activities had to dial back while her treatment ensued. However, this provided a venue for increased writing (a long time passion of Meg’s); the force that kept all the plates spinning during this challenging time. The result of this life-altering time was Meg’s book, Topic of Cancer; Riding the Waves of the Big C.