Meg Stafford is an award-winning author of two memoirs, Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C, and Who Will Accompany You? My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart. She is a columnist and observer of humans’ and animals’ delightful quirks, and a featured teller on WGBH’sStories from the Stage.” A psychotherapist and social worker in private practice for 40 years, she hears powerful stories on a regular basis and always appreciates the connective tissue that telling our truths creates. Meg embraces the notion that the shortest distance between two people is a laugh.

Meg has told some of these stories live, featured on public television’s “Stories From the Stage” (WGBH-TV), speaking on the topic ‘Quest’, and also at “Hillside Stories” on the topic ‘Wild Oats’. She is a stable storyteller with Fugitive Productions.

For many years her column, “A Moment’s Notice,” was featured in a number of local papers, including Metro West (Boston), The Littleton Independent, The Westford Eagle, Brookline Tab, addressing topics as wide ranging as parenting her young and adolescent children, to the nature of feet, the wisdom of animals, and loving the unexpected in travel to beautiful and wild places.

Her passion for writing started at the age of 3 when she would make miniature books, stapled together, and show her mom, who prided herself on allowing her young daughter to spell words as they sounded to her. This love and commitment to writing continued, publishing her first column in 1986 with the Somerville Journal and The Beacon, where her work later appeared.

Her first memoir, Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C, garnered six literary awards, including Best First Book by Independent Book Publisher Association’s Bill Fisher Awards. She documents her travels through breast cancer, making us laugh out loud at her surprising observations, and revealing her deepest worries and thoughts in real time as she relays her many encounters with physicians, fellow patients and unsuspecting commentators in public places.

Her second memoir Who Will Accompany You? My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart shares stories from her far flung travels with each of her daughters. It earned ten literary awards across three categories: Parenting, Memoir and Travel. The adventures begin in Nepal and Bhutan as her 17 year old daughter studies meditation and Buddhism at a monastery in Kathmandu while she treks to the Annapurna Base Camp. Their perspectives sometimes mirror each other, and are sometimes very different as they navigate the territory of being far from home, apart from each other, and encountering new cultures and people.


Her older daughter is 23 when she decides to live in war torn Colombia as an observer/witness, providing unarmed accompaniment to people establishing themselves in an intentionally peaceful community. Bounce along on the open air jeep and meet the people in the community who ferociously and joyously live their lives an hour and half hike from the nearest community.

The last chapter reveals how Meg’s interest in travel was ignited, and how it has impacted her marriage and the negotiations this has involved.

Says one Amazon reader, “Reading this book was far more than an "armchair traveler" experience. Meg and her daughters offer insights about how to expand one’s world view - travel being their chosen mode. With very engaging descriptions and a welcome sense of humor, this book gives you a real, not idealized picture of mother-daughter relationships.”

Meg’s 40 years as a psychotherapist has taken her from institutions as large as Beth Israel Hospital, a Harvard teaching hospital, to her private practice, where she has marveled at the resilience and creativity of people to heal for 33 years. Additional training and certificates in Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching has given her a deep appreciation for workplace issues, including the impact of Covid, and how this has altered the workplace forever, in a myriad of ways.

Meg’s belief in the power of stories to connect and heal has driven the joy in her writing, and this is echoed by readers of both her books. She has embraced her calling to bring her words to lift others (or catapult them forward), in the most entertaining and embracing way possible. Ride along for maximum fun and benefit!

Meg attended the State University of New York at Binghamton where she earned a bachelor of arts in Psychology and French. She earned her Masters of Social Work from Boston University School of Social Work, and her certificates in Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching are from Massachusetts School of Psychology (now called William James College).

She lives in Littleton, Massachusetts with her husband, two frisky rescue dogs and one large cat. When not in her office, you can find Meg biking or hiking in places near and far, ripping up the Zumba dance floor, singing and dancing in her Encore glee club for adults, or attending musical or dance performances of many types. She tries not to eat too much of the homemade bread her husband bakes, but cannot resist the heels.