Who Will Accompany You?

My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart

Award-winning memoirist Meg Stafford has an adventurous spirit, and this time she takes us along for the ride. When her daughters venture into terra incognita—one of them meditating in the Himalayas and the other providing unarmed accompaniment in the Colombian countryside—Stafford decides to go along. In the process, she reflects on her own lifetime of wanderlust and what it means for a parent to love and to let go. Generous, insightful, and deeply funny, Stafford is the ideal tour guide for a journey as big as the world and as intimate as the human heart.



Gold Award: Parenting and Relationships


Gold Award: Travel and Guidebooks


Silver Award: Biographical/Travel


Winner: Mixed Genre


Finalist: Parenting and Family


Finalist: Guides and Essays

Silver Sticker Transparent

Silver Award: Parenting and Families

Bronze Sticker Transparent

Bronze Award: Body/Mind/Spirit


Memoir/Personal Growth/Travel Memoir


Silver Award: Travel


Topic of Cancer

Riding the Waves of the Big C

Meg Stafford brings a fresh, compelling voice for people who have been treated by breast cancer, or who know someone who does. Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C is not about merely surviving, but about the living that happens during treatment. What sets this work apart is the joie de vivre that infuses and informs the prose.

Difficult topics are treated with openness and honesty and offer a direct line into the emotions that wash through this time, as individuals navigate cancer. The reader learns to ride the perilous waves when not dancing on them or diving through. Stafford rides the riptides, including the reader on the daily choices that arise, giving each day, emotion, and quirky occurrence the attention it requires. What results is a connection to her, to ourselves, and to life itself.


First Place: Body/Mind/Spirit
Second Place: Health/Fitness


In the category of Women’s Issues


Winner of the Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book


Gold Award: Health: Women’s


Silver Award: Health: Cancer