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I learned at the end of May that my book was a finalist for Independent Book Publishers Awards in the category of the Bill Fisher Best First Book (non-fiction). I decided to attend the Awards Ceremony in New York City on June 3, as Book Expo America was getting underway.  At the last minute, I decided that I needed to prepare something to say, mostly because it would help me to clarify how I was feeling about being there at all, but also in the event that my book was chosen as the winner.  As the presentor of this award, Howard Fisher, Bill’s son, had called to interview each of the three finalists.

While I won’t go into all the details of that fascinating evening, I was delighted to be there, and felt like I had already won; everyone there was a finalist in his or her category. As the award is actually for a publisher, there was some prior discussion about whether my little compnay, Virginia Martin Press,  actually fit under this heading. It was decided that it did and hence my attendance at the ceremony.

When my book was announced as a gold winner, this is what I had to say:

It is a thrill to be here, and to have the opportunity to take part in this event. I’m so glad I had the chance to speak with Howard a couple of weeks ago. Learning that his dad, Bill, championed a number of new publishers and their entrepreneurial spirit was so meaningful to me.  It is a thrill to be included in this category. During my time learning to be an executive coach, I felt a particular respect for these creative and courageous people, and realized it was because I shared some of their vision, if I was lacking the time and had not yet created the space to follow through with that. To be recognized for producing Topic of Cancer; Riding the Waves of the Big C is an honor and I am deeply moved by and appreciative of that.

And if producing a book is like raising a child, I have my village of people to whom I am grateful, starting and ending always with my family. My husband, mom and sister are here tonight. Both daughters needed to remain at home as they are in the midst of graduation related activities. My friends who comprised my Breasty Business Team (the people who received my updates that turned into the book) ROCK! And my treatment team who consistently respected and treated me as an individual were terrific.

Thank you for this support of my dream- may it lift the spirit while it entertains and informs those needing treatment and all those around them.

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