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Creating Meaningful and Lasting Memories during Trips with Your Kids

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March 21, 2024

If you are wondering about how to create meaningful and lasting memories during trips with your kids, you are already heading in the right direction. Simply by asking the question, you are not assuming that what would be fun for you would also be fun for your offspring. 

A doctor of mine once said that when they’re young, your children follow you in your travels, but as they get older, you start to follow them. 



MEG STAFFORD ANNOUNCES NEW BOOK, Who Will Accompany You? My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home And Close To The Heart

April 27, 2022

Accomplished author, psychotherapist, executive coach and newspaper columnist, Meg Stafford, announces the public release of her second book: Who Will Accompany You? My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far from Home and Close to the Heart. Award-winning memoirist Meg Stafford has an adventurous spirit, and this time she takes us along for the ride. When her daughters venture into terra incognita – one of them meditating in the Himalayas and the other providing unarmed protection in the Colombian countryside – Stafford decides to go too. In the process, she reflects on her own lifetime of wanderlust and what it means for a parent to love and let go. Generous, insightful, and deeply funny, Stafford is the ideal tour guide for a journey as big as the world and as intimate as the human heart.

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Distance makes the heart grow fonder: Littleton author details journeys abroad with her daughters in new memoir

Lowell Sun / Sentinel and Enterprise
April 7, 2022

LITTLETON — Few mothers would allow their young daughters to work in war-torn countries and travel thousands of miles away as teenagers, but Meg Stafford is no ordinary mom.

Her only stipulation? She comes with them.

The Littleton resident chronicled the long journeys she and her two daughters, Kate and Gale, took in her memoir, “Who Will Accompany You?: My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home and Close to the Heart,” published in January. Incorporating her own writing, years after her trips, with her daughters’ diary entries and old emails allowed Stafford to compare the perspectives of her children with her own experience while abroad.

Author Meg Stafford, of Littleton, holds a copy of her new book, Who Will Accompany You? which describes spending time with her daughters on their world travels.

Author Meg Stafford, of Littleton, holds a copy of her new book, Who Will Accompany You? which describes spending time with her two daughters on their world travels. Courtesy Photo/Meg Stafford

Who Will Accompany You?

Wicked Local
February 4, 2022

Littleton -- From a Buddhist monastery in Nepal to the countryside of Colombia, writer Meg Stafford visited her daughters in their travels.

These experiences are the subject of her new book, Who Will Accompany You? My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far from Home, and Close to the Heart.

Stafford, a social worker in private practice, is a familiar to Eagle-Independent readers as a regular columnist.

Stafford's 2011 memoir, Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C won six literary awards (including being named Best First Book by the Independent Book Publisher's Association Benjamin Franklin Awards.


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Chronicling a voyage through the ‘Big C’

Littleton Independent
March 11, 2011

Littleton — After enduring two years of chemotherapy, mastectomy, radiation and reconstructive surgery, Meg Stafford’s oncologist asked whether she felt able to resume her life.

“I never stopped living it,” was Stafford’s response.

That outlook is a central theme of “Topic of Cancer: Riding the Waves of the Big C,” a lively account that evolved from an e-mail distribution list Stafford maintained to inform family and friends about her treatment, the choices she made and the emotional ups and downs accompanying them.

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