New Book fun!!

Already An Amazon Best Seller!

My new book, Who Will Accompany You: My Mother-Daughter Journeys Far From Home And Close to the Heart has become an “Instant #1 New Release in Travelogues and Travel Essays,” as well as an “Amazon Bestseller in Family Travel Guides, Family Travel, and Parenting Teenagers.”

Traveling with Gale and Kate meant lots of hours together – the fun, the annoying, the boring. In some ways, traveling together after they left the house was even more special as I missed being with them, and these new, shared experiences created a tangible glue that will always be there. Our travels highlighted that these parent/child relationships don’t end, but they do change shape over time. And it was enlightening to reflect upon that gradual transition throughout the pages of the book.

Since the book dropped earlier this year, Kate, Gale and I have received so many kind words, calls, and feedback from family and friends and new friends too. We appreciate every note, every review and every purchase and the opportunity to share our story.

Need a gift idea? The book is also a perfect Mother’s Day gift, birthday gift for Mom, or birthday gift for another important woman in your life. Copies are available online on, Barnes & Noble, Hudson Booksellers, and among others. We are even planning some live “meet the author events” in the Boston area. I’d be happy to sign your copy!

Have you had a chance to read it yet? I would love to hear from you! And if you’re able to post a review, that is so helpful in moving the book along and increasing visibility. Thank you and cheers!


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