Symphony of sounds delights more than the senses

My Juilliard trained dad was a concert oboist, and played with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic throughout my childhood. He also taught music at various schools, settling for many years teaching theory, piano and history of jazz at SUNY New Paltz. 

During concert season, I would be dragged away from The Addams Family, or something equally compelling, to go to the symphony, (performed in my local high school) in a dress no less. I played violin and piano all through high school, and sang in choruses through college and beyond, and knew that as vital as music was in my life, it would not be my career.

As an adult, I love to attend live musical events, and still choose to go to the symphony sometimes. Both of our daughters took lessons at Indian Hill, and it is always a treat to go to a concert of theirs. Last night was no exception. Indeed, with Maestro Bruce Hangen at the helm, and a program as varied as Vaughan Williams, Rautavaara and Beethoven, it was a musical kaleidoscope that left us feeling sated and just minutes from home. To hear Richard Stoltzman on clarinet in the unusual Rautavaara piece was delectible icing on the cake.

We pondered the wonder of Beethoven’s composing, coordinating so many different instruments at once, without the benefit of hearing it live. We marveled at the way music structure has evolved (and also remained the same!) over the years, with three distinct time periods being represented. We considered the total number of hours involved in the rehearsing and presentation of such an undertaking and feel grateful that this energizing, uplifting and life affirming art is still alive and well, and showcased a walk away from home. 

“Thank you” to the many behind the scenes contributors as well as the performers does not begin to cover it, but will suffice as a start. I am grateful that not only is Indian Hill making it work, but will be expanding its role as the new center in Groton develops. Here’s to you, Indian Hill. What a great way to usher in Spring.

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