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There were people of every age, shape, and variety of colorful clothing shakin’ it on the dance floor for the Zumba Master Class at the Fiske School in Lexington on Saturday. The music was pumping (I’m grateful for the foam earplugs provided) and people were grinning. This kind of infectious energy is a trademark of Zumba gatherings in my experience, and multiplied when in an auditorium filled with dancing excitement.

I’m sure the squats are deeper, the grapevine more defined, and the characteristic single-single-double moves are accentuated when in a group of hundreds, but I have to wonder if the fact that our participation also helped contribute to Autism Awareness made it that much sweeter. Receiving the organizer’s heartfelt thanks both in person and online afterward bumped up the level of reward for sure.

Thank goodness there are no wrong moves in Zumba. I positioned myself toward the back where there was a bit more room, (and a fan!) and the steps sometimes radiated in waves through the crowd when I couldn’t quite see, even with the Zumbatron up front. It was a bit like the game of telephone, except with dance moves instead of words, and I’m not sure how close to the original I was by the time the moves got to me. No one was evaluating or criticizing- just enjoying the variety of teacher and Zumba celebrities present in the community.

There were snacks provided and for sale, along with water to keep up the energy throughout this 4 hour event, as well as Zumba wear for perusal. I managed to  escape with just a delicious juice drink before heading home after only 3 hours. What fun to participate in this dynamic event, and be part of a group that combines exercise, fun and community. Been at it for over 12 years, and there is every reason to continue. 

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